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Do you listen to your iPod while you’re on your hike?

The Apple iPod MP3 Player has opened up a whole new world for portable music and entertainment. It seems like everyone has an iPod now including myself. I have to admit, it took me 5 generations before jumping on the iPod band wagon. But now that I have, I can’t believe I lived without one for so long. All my music, audio books, and videos stored in one small digital device. It tunes out my co-workers when I’m trying to focus on work, it gets my mind distracted as I go on my long runs, and it keeps me entertained as I sit in traffic. But what about taking your
Apple iPod
with you during your Grand Canyon hike? Depending on what type of iPod you have, you have the ability to do so much. From GPS to apps that track your hikes, I can see the advantage for taking along your iPod during your hiking adventure. I can see both advantages and disadvantages, but what do you think?

Personally, I prefer to stay one with nature and enjoy every sight and sound the trail has to offer. It’s not everyday that I get to go out into the sunshine, smell the fresh air, and experience the outdoors. I use the time to be with my thoughts. The Grand Canyon is so spectacular and overwhelming, sometimes it’s hard not to feel spiritual. As much as I like listening to Lady Gaga while working out at the gym, I’m not sure it’s the right soundtrack for a hike. More importantly, listening to music can be distracting and could be dangerous.
The trails at the Grand Canyon are very narrow. You have to share the trail with other hikers in both directions as well as the occasional mule train that passes through. You don’t want to hold up a fellow hiker that wants to pass you because you can’t hear him/her. You especially don’t want to be surprised by a team of mules coming towards you. The mules have the right of way and since the trails are so narrow, you need time to find a place to move out the way. Another reason, is that you don’t want to be distracted and not able to hear any imminent danger such as large animals or someone calling out to you saying that the trail ends at a cliff 300 ft.
So should you bring your Apple iPod with you on your hike? For me, I prefer to be without one. There’s far too much to see, hear, and experience on the trail to be distracted by my iPod. However, during the downtime when you’re at camp, the iPod could keep you entertained. You could view the pictures you took or listen to some camping music. I’m sure there are apps out there where you can log your hike or see how many miles you put it. Also, keep in mind, there’s potential for iPod to become damaged during the hike, and once the battery drains, all you’re left with is added weight.

If you decide to bring your Apple iPod on your next hike, check out the Pelican i1010 Waterproof Case It’s designed for any iPod Nano and Shuffle and is waterproof, crush-proof, and dust proof.

Happy Hiking!

– Canyon Hiker