Grand Canyon Hikers

Grand Canyon Hikers

Two years ago, my friend Juan and I hiked the Grand Canyon for the first time.  We both agreed, it was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done.  That says a lot because we’ve done a lot.  Including 8 weeks of Army boot camp.

A lot of what made the hike difficult was the fact that we over AND under estimated the trip.  We’ve gone on other hikes before.  Some were even challenging.  So we figured, “how hard can it be?  Half the the hike is downhill.”  “It can’t be any harder than we’ve done before.”  “It’s only 8 miles.”

About six months before the hike, we started doing our research and slowly started learning that we needed to be more prepared.  We knew it this was a big deal, but we really didn’t understand what we were up against.  All we really sure about was, “we have enough water.” But how much?

All we had was our minimal hiking experiences and Google to help us prepare.  Sure we’ve gone through basic training but that was years ago and age and cheeseburgers have caught up to us.

Needless to say, we had a very interesting hiking trip filled with great experiences mixed with mistakes, heartaches, and muscle aches.  We decided we needed to do this hike again.  This time more prepared.  The goal of this website is to document our experiences from our trip and share with you what we learned.  You’ll also be able to follow my progress as we prepare for our next trip in 2012.  I hope you learn from our mistakes and use our tips and resources for your own Grand Canyon hiking trip.  We are by no means experts, but I know we can share enough knowledge and resources for you to have a safe and memorable trip.

Happy Hiking!

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